Founded in 2018 by partners Steve Calder and Jordana Jaya, Informale has already made waves in the global Menswear scene, featured in GQ, Permanent Style and Manolo Sweden.

With customers from dozens of countries around the globe, we aspire to show the world of Men's Fashion what Melbourne is capable of creating.

The vast majority of our garments are made locally in Melbourne, in a small workshop owned by a second generation Italian family. We source our trimmings and finishings locally as well, doing everything we can to support the small garment manufacturing industry in our hometown.

Quality casual clothes

Each piece in our collection is made for the Modern Man, seeking a stylish solution to a world growing more casual by the minute.

Less is more

We believe in the old-school idea of buying less, and buying quality. We aim to create limited quantities of seasonal staples which will stand the test of time, build character with age and continue to look fresh and relevant for years to come.

Our factory

When creating the Informale concept, we knew one thing was for sure; We needed to make our garments locally. 
For us, Made in Melbourne is very important. It allows us to support sustainable businesses, and also to physically be a part of the process from beginning to end. Each step can be overseen in person, from designing each piece, sampling and perfecting it with our production team, and quality checking to make sure we are happy with each garment to ensure it is ready to be shipped out to our customers. When we say local, we mean local: Our workshop is only a short 30 minute drive away from our office.

Informale is about community, providing skilled Melburnians with work for which they get paid fairly for, and showing our fellow Australians and the world that quality garments can still be made locally without the need to go offshore.

Commitment to sustainability

As a brand we take great pride in doing the right thing. To us this means supporting the local manufacturing ecosystem is not only a huge part of our own lives, but is also a core part of our mission as a brand. To us, having the vast majority of our garments cut, sewn and finished 30 minutes from our showroom is critical to the success of Informale. It allows us to be 100% involved in the process from pre-production to finish, and it means knowing the names of the people cutting and sewing our garments, that they are highly skilled, enjoying themselves and being paid fairly for their work. We also take great pride in choosing materials which are grown, woven and dyed in countries where the environment is protected by law. 


For us, sourcing the material comes well before cut or design. Our goal is to only use natural fibers, and use classic fabrics from the worlds of Tailoring, Workwear and Sportswear which are timeless in style and free of passing trends. We make sure we know the origin, dying, weaving process, and final quality of the fabric we choose, which means we often spend more time finding the right fabric than we spend on the design and sampling process combined. We currently source fabric very carefully in Melbourne, England and Italy, also ensuring that the companies we work with are small in scale and family owned.


From time to time, we collaborate with our friends and Artisans around the world to produce limited runs of highly specialized garments. 

Our showroom

The Informale Showroom is located on the third floor of the historical Nicholas Building on the corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston Street. Filling out the entire light-drenched front room of “Calder Sartoria,” the showroom features a cosy fitout complete with a bookshelf and leather sofa amidst our garments on display. With our workshop only a short 30-minute drive away, visitors to the Informale showroom will often get first-dibs on new arrivals, meet the founders, and even see a sneak preview of yet to be released designs.