Worn Your Way with Jonathan Edwards

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Futuristic. Minimalistic. Nostalgic.

As a long time T005 wearer, what do you love about Informale’s approach to Summer Trousers?

As you probably recall, I bought my first pair several years ago now in the original oatmeal colour. The intention was that they’d be a nice Summer trouser, but after I bought a second pair, the black ones, I actually started wearing them almost year round. They are truly one of my most worn garments as I’ve always worn black and quite simply they go with so much else within my wardrobe, which is what I strive for with my style. It’s a beautiful product you’ve created.

You seem to have a cheeky affinity for Batman. What draws you to his character?

Ha ha. I’ve seen those stories in the press claiming I’m him. Fun story, and I’ve got nothing but respect for the guy, but not true.
Photography by Ryan Neeven