Worn your Way with Andreas

You have a real zest for life. Is this a recent mindset or have you always lived this way?
I guess I’ve always enjoyed life but as you get older you realise you have one life to live. I work hard. And play hard. Hopefully for a few more decades. 
As a long time bespoke tailoring enthusiast, any quick tips you can give to first timers?
Find a house style of a tailor you like the look of. See if that cut works for your body and your life. Not all styles work with all people and don’t try to force a tailor to make another house’s style. Communication is key. If you have thoughts and questions during the process - speak up. A good tailor can of course see and feel for you but you need to do the work too.
A navy suit is always good to have but If you never wear one perhaps you should go another route and pick something that you will get more wear out of. 
What do you love about your Informale Safari Shorts?
A proper waist height. Durable yet soft fabric. And most of all the look. I love wearing them with green linen shirts. Such a great summer look. A slight edge but not over the top. 
Photography by Ryan Neeven
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