Worn your Way with Riccardo

Is Bologna your favourite city in Italy?
I'd say bologna, the city where I live, as it's a small but not too small universe portraying pretty much all the facets and angles of Italy at its very best: from food to historical places, to culture but also smartness and quality of life. 
As weird as this could sound, I also love Milan (where I work, most of the time) and its contradictions, its ups and downs, but I do love its liveliness and its very special vibe and its design, fancy, more international cues 

How long have you been into menswear?
I'd say mostly in the last 6 or 7 years, with an increasing interest towards more classic, timeless designs. I was more into standout sartorial pieces when I started, but with aging and how the world has changed in the last 2/3 years I moved my taste towards more subtle, timeless and sophisticated aesthetics. 

What initially drew you to Informale, and what keeps you coming back?
It was an IG adv at first, that showed how well the t005 fitted on Steve and the idea of a true quality piece that could provide unmatched comfort. 
Since the first order, I could really see and feel how all of this is true and how Informale has grown into a direction I find perfectly in line with my lifestyle, and with what I ask to clothing pieces I decide to invest in.

Photography by Ryan Neeven
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